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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Personnel Policy


This policy is based on the principles and the objectives approved and established by Cape Suppliers Limited, or as laid down by the law of the country.



  1. Equal Opportunities: CSL is an  equal opportunity employer irrespective of race, color, religion or sex.

  2. Expression of Views: Procedures exist to allow employees the opportunity to put forward suggestions, raise problems or express grievances and to ensure that they receive a fair hearing.

  3. Disciplinary:  Fair and effective arrangements exist for dealing with all disciplinary matters.

  4. Working Conditions: CSL operations ensure that working conditions, welfare services and amenities as are necessary to promote efficiency and job satisfaction for employees within the financial constraints of the operation, according to local practice and as are laid down by law.

  5. Safety and Health: Adequate precautions in compliance with all applicable laws are taken to safeguard employees at work from danger, accidents and sickness instructions regarding Safety and Fire Precautions are displayed prominently and communicate on recruitment.

  6. Environment: Every measure will be taken to safeguard the environment through education and training of staff.

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